Spooked by Mike Miller

Animal Art Fair finds gap in the market

On 5th May 2011, the second instalment of the Animal Art Fair opens at Fulham Palace, London.

The inaugural Animal Art Fair in 2010 lived up to its ambition of showcasing the greatest selection of animal artists exhibiting in one place at one time. Creating a unique marketplace, the Animal Art Fair is able to offer direct access to the world of animal art, with no middle men, no galleries and no premium – just the opportunity to discover new talent and to buy directly from the artist. The specific theme gave visitors a more in-depth experience than other exhibitions provide.

Zebra by Brian Ainsworth

The 2011 Animal Art Fair has seen a demand for participation far outweighing the venue capacity. With an emphasis on maintaining the highest quality of art, founders Jamie Polk and Barnaby Parker have fine tuned the exhibiting artists for a best-ever selection of animal art.

Following the success of the 2010 inaugural fair, which raised over £45,000 through a charity auction for the Born Free Foundation, Snow Leopard Trust and Wheelpower, the chief beneficiary of 2011’s fundraising initiatives will be Tusk – a conservation and community development organisation which protects wildlife and alleviates poverty across Africa and whose Royal Patron is Prince William.

The inaugural fair itself was a great commercial success. Over 3,000 people visited the Fair and £500,000 of art was sold. Although the Fair’s theme may seem specific, the world of animal art is able to offer a broad array of styles and subjects. The public were able to discuss with each artist their inspiration, vision, style and views which helped inform the buying process. The response to the Fair has been inspirational from all quarters and the fair is set to be a much anticipated annual event.
“The Animal Art Fair has created a simple concept that allows prospective buyers and artists to interact directly. I wish the Animal Art Fair team the best of luck and congratulate them on providing what will no doubt become a renowned springboard for many successful artists.”

Susan Crawford, Equestrian artist

Tuppence (Equestrian Head Study) by Belinda Sillars © 2011 Anthony Morris


Jamie Polk
Having left his job as a fund manager at the turn of the Millennium in search of a new challenge, Jamie’s life took a drastic turn when he broke his neck in a diving accident leaving him paralysed from the chest down. Since then he has followed the principle of making the best of all opportunities. Over recent years his walls have been filled by an eclectic range of art, sourced from artists and galleries that have caught his eye and imagination. He sees the Animal Art Fair as a terrific prospect. “It is fantastically exciting to find great talent and to be able to showcase it direct to the buying public. And it’s much more fun than sitting behind a desk!”


Barnaby Parker

After graduating with an Art History degree from Manchester, Barnaby was briefly distracted from the art world by the lure of headhunting in the City where he founded and successfully floated Hydrogen Group on AIM in 2006. His shared vision for Animal Art Fair is to establish an open marketplace where artists and clients can interact, discover more about each other and build lasting relationships. Starting with the inaugural event in Fulham in April 2010 he believes that this is a business model that can be expanded across the world.

Above image: ‘Spooked’ by Mike Miller

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